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The art of leading through change starts with understanding what has not changed:

Children are born with an insatiable desire to leap into the great unknown – a sense of wonder and mystery and magic and dancing in a world where anything is possible and the only limit is your imagination. At Butler, our quest for unique innovation is focused on protecting that dance.

Your Children’s Feet Are in Good Hands!

The art of leading through change starts with understanding what has not changed:

Our story

We never actually lose that spirit, it simply carries into parenthood. As the founder of Butler and a parent of four, it was important for me to continue weaving that never‑ending dance with my kids. That meant finding solutions to encourage them to never stop exploring the great outdoors – and create their most treasured memories. We watched our children’s daily routines, imagining how to meet their needs instead of dictating them.

Children deserve stylishly designed products that offer complete latitude and practicality in all conditions, so that they can have fun without a care in the world. And as parents, we deserve peace of mind, knowing that we’ve made the best possible choice for our little ones.

Butler: From snow and cold to rain and sun!

Our products: The Original 3-in-1

Butler boots are sweet. Cute sweet. Practical sweet. “You mean to tell me I never have to alligator-wrestle my child ever again to put boots on their feet” sweet.

We decided to break the mold and give you more. This is not a better brown, or an extra buckle. If we were going to reinvent the boot, we needed to commit. Our products are the physical proof of our dedication to true utility as a means of change. We examined our core values and drew up a list of must-have features. It became clear that our products would not only be innovative in terms of design, but especially in terms of utility, lifespan, and footprint.

The result is a boot that’s incredibly versatile and built for all seasons. It’s an all‑weather boot, an overshoe, and an indoor slipper – all in one. Butler boots are lightweight, 100% waterproof, and oh-so-easy to clean. Made in the USA, they’re non‑toxic and recyclable. The soles are slip-resistant, and the patented Big Fan entry makes them child’s play to slip on and off – both with and without shoes on!

Whatever the weather – Butler has you covered!

Our products: The Original Overshoe

But then what about kiddos that are so keen of a specific pair of sneakers that that's all they want to wear?

From fly sneakers to boat shoes to slip-ons to sandals to dressed shoes to delicate ballerinas, let them wear what they feel best in year round. The Rockhopper Overshoe will keep ANY footwear dry & protected from inclement weather.

Colorful, Flexible, lightweight, extremely durable, easy to keep clean and eco-friendly, wherever you're going, slip them on and embark on grand adventures!

Made On Planet Earth: First stop, USA!

We’re driven by product quality above all else. By basing our manufacturing entirely in the USA, our goal is to have an eco‑friendly impact and to make a difference in the community. It’s also the ultimate quality assurance: people working nearby, carefully crafting every item to meet the highest standards – creating a product they wouldn’t hesitate to give to their own kids.

Butler boots - Proudly Made in the USA!

Where does our name come from?

Our boots aren’t called Butler for nothing. Our inspiration came from the literal classic and well-mannered helper that’s a big part of your family and always at your service. Symbolized by a lovable loyal penguin with a fondness for all things wet or cold, Butlers are always there to help; by protecting little feet and shoes and making life a little easier when bad weather gets in the way.

Nothing takes care of you like a Butler!

North America, we’ve got you covered!

From coast to coast, we’ll ship your Butlers for free in both the USA and Canada.

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FREE SHIPPING: All orders come with free shipping to customers in the USA and Canada. Butler covers it – it’s that simple. Expect 3 business days for delivery.


LIFETIME WARRANTY: Butler boots are fully warranted to the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product. If a product ever fails due to a manufacturing defect, even after extended use, we will replace the product with the same style, color, and size. This warranty does not cover damage caused by an accident or normal wear and tear.

Please email Butler at smile@thebutlerbrand.com including:

  • a copy of the original receipt
  • a picture of the boot
  • a brief description of the defect

We will get right back to you.


RETURNS: Nothing takes care of you like a Butler! If you are not completely satisfied with your Butler boots, you can return them for a full refund.

Please return:

  • within 30 days of receipt
    unworn and in the original packaging
  • enclosed in another box, as to preserve the original packaging
  • with a copy of your original receipt
  • to the following address:
Butler Inc
148 Bryce Blvd

Fairfax, Vermont 05454

Butler Inc
800 rue Sud
Cowansville, Quebec
J2K 2Y3


Your refund:

  • will be issued at the purchase price and applied to the original credit card.
  • will be confirmed to you via email when your credit card has been refunded.
  • Expect 5 business days from the date we receive your Butlers’ for the credit to be applied.


EXCHANGES: Butler has found it simpler for everyone to first initiate a return for a full refund… This way you can place a new Butler order for any style/color/size that you want, and at any time that you want.SHIPPING POLICY

FREE SHIPPING: All orders come with free shipping to customers in the USA and Canada. Butler covers it – it’s that simple. Expect 3 business days for delivery.